About us

Manager/Photographer and Film Director, Nathilde Overrein Rapp

Nathilde started her professional career as a photographer very young. Her visual style was bold and filmic.
She embarked on a successful career as a Film Director and was always praised for her visual style and imagery.

With over 20 years of experience in the Film Industry behind her she decided to embark on a new visual journey outside the metropols and film production centres.

Nathilde wanted to work closer to “home”… She has happily settled in Buckfastleigh, Devon with Dartmoor and the sea on her doorstep. She has created a studio for herself, other artists and the community to enjoy with the changing natural light as the centre of her inspiration. She is here to create new stories and images for you to enjoy and become a part of!

Nathilde grew up on an island in the North Sea, above the Arctic Circle. She spent all holidays on her grandmothers farm in Finnmark, the vast moor in the northernmost part of Norway, so no wonder Devon became her new home.

“Dartmoor enchants me, the changing light, the endlessness, the vast emptyness filled with colours and shades from the moving light. It reminds me of my roots! I feel home again! There is an eternity of possibilities here, both in the nature, the people that live here, the people that visit and the stories in their faces. Help me create your own stories of memories to keep.”