Film Making Classes

Film Director Nathilde run some fun Film Making Classes for Children, please contact for more details.

There are two age groups: 8-12 year olds and 13-17 year olds.

The classes will be held in our premises, but we are happy to travel; 7 hourly sessions in the afternoons or at weekends.

What is an image? Framing, light, story. We will take stills and create stories.
We will evaluate and invent characters.

What is a moving image? What moves the story forward? Why is it different to a still photo?

How to create a film story, start, middle, plot, end.

What is a character? Who is our main character. What is his/her aim, what are the obstacles and what does he/she acchieve in the end?

We will create a film story together and shoot excersize scenes.

The group will be divided into a film team with different roles, we will also swop roles. Every person in a film team is very important and have their own responsibilities within the teamwork. Some of you will be the actors.

We will create a story board and learn about mise-en-scene. We will break down our story and create a shooting script – then go location hunting.

We will shoot our little film…

and then we:

Invite parents and friends to our Film Premiere party! Please dress up!

Every child will get a DVD with the film they have been making to take home.