Youth Film Project

Jellyfish Community Youth Project 2016

The spirited, atmospheric, wonderful film made by 8 teenagers, “My Dear Mother”:


Please have a look at our previous projects:

The chilling, atmospheric, beautiful film made by 7 teenagers 2015:

Here are some of the amazing works from our Youth Project 2014:

We are so proud of this beautiful Jelly-Teenz film made by 12-16 year olds: Farley Lapenna, Mimi Lapenna, Artemis Guy, Gwena Harman & Ziggy Clark:

And of the great photographs by 11-16 year olds: Alaistair Shapland, Josh Goodman, Jessica Stacey, Charlotte Pitchford, Rosie Smith, Clara Laurenco, Gabriel Laurenco, Charlotte Gale, Mimi Lapenna & Ziggy Clark