Films made by Jellyfish Film Making Classes

The beautiful, spirited, atmospheric film “My Dear Mother” made by 8 teenagers in Grey Wood, Buckland in the Moor and surrounding areas, Dartmoor August 2016:

The wonderful, imaginative, spirited film “The Old Church Mystery” made by 5 children age 8-12 on The Holy Trinity Church grounds, Buckfastleigh, June 2016:

The chilling, atmospheric, beautiful film “Rooted Spirits” made by 7 teenagers in Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor August 2015:

Jellyfish is very proud of our fifth Film Making Class film:

Christmas Spirit

This wonderful, sweet ghost story is made by 8-12 year olds before Christmas 2014 – Enjoy!

Jellyfish Community Youth Project presents the wonderful Jelly-Teenz film:

This beautiful film was made during the summer by our Jelly-Teenz film group aged 12-16 year old: Farley Lapenna, Gwena Harman, Artemis Guy, Mimi Lapenna and Ziggy Clark.

Jellyfish is proud to present our third Film Making Class’s Film:

This great little film is made by 8-10 year olds: Felix Cowper, Isla Frost, Ren Fitzpatrick & Ismina Budd.

Jellyfish is proud to present our second Film Making Class’s Film:


This lovely little “comedy” is written, diected and filmed by five -13 year old children: Felix Couper, Isla Frost, Isac Etridge, Nayana Dickinson and Ismina Budd. Jellyfish’s Film Making Classes are run by Film Director Nathilde Overrein Rapp.

Jellyfish is proud to present our first Film Making Class’s Film:

Girl by the Lake

“This lovely little film is written and directed by four year olds: Isla Frost, Ismina Budd, Jamie Manfield and Mahni Rose. It was made during film making sessions run by Nathilde.”